Adding a Discount to your Popup

Enocurage engagement and incentivize signups by adding a discount to your opt-in popup form. With Rivo Popups, you can add a unique, automatic discount code for each new subscriber, or use your own discount code that you've created in Shopify.

Rivo Pop's discount options

From the dashboard, go to Opt-in Popup > Modal. Under Coupon Code you will see three options:

No coupon - Checking this means your customers will not receive a discount code when they sign up.

Discount coupon - Enabling this option adds a unique discount code — generated by Rivo — for each new subscriber. The customer will get the code once they click the button to subscribe. Discounts generated by Pop begin with BOOST-, followed by a random string of letters and numbers. There are two types of discounts:

Fixed - A fixed amount deducted from the total e.g. $5.00 off.
Percentage - A percentage of the order total e.g. 10% off.

Enter code manually - With this option you can add a discount code that you have created in your Shopify admin to the Popup. Learn more about this with Shopify's guide to creating discounts.

💡 Pop Tip: Fine-tune your Popup texts to reflect what kind of discount option you're offering. Advertise your discount if you offer one!
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